🛠️Getting set up

Step1: Create your account

Creating a Kojib account is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

  1. Visit the Kojib website and click the “Sign Up” button.

  2. Enter your email address and create a secure password.

  3. Set up your profile.

  4. Start sending messages and connecting with your friends and family.

That's it! You are now ready to start using Kojib and stay connected with the people you care about.

Step 2: Create Kojib Wallet

1) Open Up The Wallet Tab In The Menu Within Kojib.com

2) Select the currency you want to add then select the "continue" button.

3) After the wallet is created, click show address & you will be shown a list of 12 words.

4) These words are your backup phrase which you should write down and store in a safe place.

5) Once you have written down the backup phrase, click "I've Written It Down".

6) Finally, you will be asked to enter your backup phrase to confirm that you have written it down correctly.

7) Once you have completed these steps, your wallet will be created and you can start using it to store and manage your PHI & Kojib Tokens.

Step 3: Fund Your Wallet With PHI

To fund your Kojib wallet with Phi using Buy.Phi.Holdings,

1) Enter the amount you wish to deposit then select the method of deposit (Credit Card or Cryptocurrency).

2) Once you have sent funds, fill out the redemption form and enter the public address of your Kojib wallet.

3) Finally, click "Redeem" and your Phi will be sent to your Kojib wallet.

Step 4: Participate

Participating in the Kojib ecosystem is easy. All you need is a Kojib wallet and some Kojib tokens. Kojib tokens are a form of digital asset that can be used to purchase goods, services, and even other digital assets on the Kojib network. Once you have your Kojib wallet and some tokens, you can start participating in the Kojib ecosystem.

You can use Kojib tokens to purchase goods and services from merchants on the Kojib network, or you can buy and sell digital assets like cryptocurrencies, digital art, and even collectible items. You can also use Kojib tokens to purchase advertising on the Kojib network, or to participate in the Kojib rewards program and earn rewards for participating in Kojib activities.

you can use Kojib tokens to pay for transactions within the Kojib ecosystem, or to purchase gaming items and in-game items. All of these activities are made possible by the Kojib network and the Kojib tokens.

Kojib holders can participate in voting and creating proposals in the Kojib network by staking their Kojib tokens. This process is called staking, and it is used to secure the Kojib blockchain and enable it to function properly. When Kojib holders stake their tokens, they are rewarded with a portion of the rewards generated by the Kojib network.

Kojib holders can also use their staked tokens to participate in on-chain governance and voting. This includes voting on protocol upgrades, project proposals, and other important decisions that need to be made in order to ensure the Kojib network is running smoothly and securely. By participating in these votes, Kojib holders can help shape the future of the Kojib network and ensure that it is running optimally.

In addition, Kojib holders can also create their own proposals and submit them to the Kojib network. These proposals can be used to suggest new features or changes that could benefit the Kojib network, and if approved by the Kojib holders, can be implemented into the Kojib network. This allows Kojib holders to have a direct say in the development of the Kojib network and ensure that it is running as effectively and securely as possible.

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