Kojib is a secure and private messaging platform that offers a variety of features to enhance the user experience. These features include:

• End-to-end encryption: All messages sent through Kojib are encrypted, meaning no one else can access your messages or data.

• Group chat: Kojib allows users to create groups and communicate with multiple people at once.

• File sharing: Kojib users can easily share files with each other, including photos, videos, and documents.

• Audio/video message: Kojib users can send audio and video messages with each other.

• Decentralized platform: Kojib is a decentralized platform, meaning it does not rely on any single server, making it more secure and resilient against attacks.

• Multi-platform support: Kojib is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

• Dark mode: Kojib has a dark mode feature available for users who prefer a darker UI.

• Customization: Kojib users can customize their experience with custom colors and themes.

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