📱dApp Browser

This Guide Will Show You How To Access The Alpha Wallet dApp Browser On Your Mobile Device.


Alpha Wallet Installed On Mobile Device

Kojib Wallet 12 Word Phrase Or Private Key

PHI Network Added To Alpha Wallet

In Order To Use Decentralized Applications On Your Mobile Device Like Kojib Governance dApp You Will Need To A dApp Browser.

You can Access The dApp Browser Within Alpha Wallet By Following The Visual Aids Below.

When Using Alpha Wallet or Any Compatible Web3 Wallet For The First Time Select You Already Have a Wallet & Use Your 12 Word Phrase or Private Key From Your Kojib Wallet.

Congratulations You've Learned How To Access A dApp Browser.

Kojib's Use Case For dApp Browser:

You Will Need To Use A dApp Browser To Connect To Kojib's Governance dApp to Vote & Create New Proposals On Your Mobile Device.

Alternatively You Can Access Via Your Desktop/Laptop Using Metamask Chrome Extension.


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