🤖Kojib AI Assistant

1) Choose a tool Select from a wide array of AI text or AI Image generation tools.

2) Generate AI Content Tell the AI what you need help with and what you want to generate.

3) Check & polish Verify the generated dynamic content and make sure it fits your needs.

Kojib AI assistant is an advanced software program designed to assist users in various tasks by understanding natural language commands.

It is equipped with machine learning algorithms that enable it to learn and adapt to the user's preferences and behaviors, providing personalized assistance.

Summarize Get a quick summary of a long piece of text, only the important parts.

Explain like I am 5 Get a better understanding on a topic, subject or piece of text.

Text spinner/rewriter Rewrite a piece of text in another unique way, using different words.

Keywords generator Extract important keywords from a piece of text.

Grammar fixer Make sure your text is written correctly with no spelling or grammar errors.

Text to Emoji Convert the meaning of a piece of text to fun emojis.

Blog Article Idea & Outline Generate unlimited blog article ideas and structure with ease.

Blog Article Section Generate a full and unique section/paragraph for your blog article.

Reviews Generate creative reviews / testimonials for your service or product.

Social media bio Generate Twitter, Instagram, TikTok bio for your account. Social media hashtags Generate hashtags for your social media posts.

Video Idea Generate a random video idea based on the topics that you want.

Video Title Generate a catchy video title for your video. Video Description Generate a brief and quality video description.

Tweet generator Generate tweets based on your ideas/topics/keywords.

Instagram caption Generate an instagram post caption based on text or keywords.

SEO Title Generate high quality & SEO ready titles for your web pages.

SEO Description Generate proper descriptions for your web pages to help you rank better SEO Keywords Extract and generate meaningful and quality keywords for your website.

Ad Title Generate a short & good title copy for any of your ads. Ad Description Generate the description for an ad campaign.

Name generator Generate interesting product names for your project.

Startup ideas Generate startup ideas based on your topic inputs.

Viral ideas Generate highly viral probability ideas based on your topics or keywords.

Custom prompt Ask our AI for anything & he will do it's best to give you quality content.

Kojib AI assistant works on multiple platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, making it easily accessible. With its advanced capabilities, Kojib AI assistant is a reliable and efficient tool for enhancing productivity and simplifying daily tasks.

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